Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finally Some Pictures

This is just something I made to go on the Valentine's bulliten board at school. (That's my favorite new children's book character "Pigeon" by Mo Willems)

I made a scarecrow back in September. He's sticking his tongue out so he won't scare the mailman ;)

These were my first attempt at a sewing project by myself (It was a lot easier when you used to tell my how to do it Mommy! I need to come have some lessons sometime)

This was this year's big project. It took longer, but it turned out better too :)

This was Kristina's Christmas present. Its a plaque that I scrapbooked to match her house. She said I should sell them, but I can't think of any marketing plans, so that's definately on a back burner :)

I got tired to chasing after barrets that fell through this basket that I kept them in, so I made a liner for it. Much harder than I thought to get the rounded edges right.

I drew Aunt Joyce's name for the Chancellor Christmas this year, so this is what I made her.

I finally got around to making curtains for the dining room. There are ropes between the blue and white (you can't see them in the picture) to look pretty, and you can use them to tie back the curtains. Very convenient :)


Rosalie said...

I didn't know you had this page. I'll be coming back more frequently now! Keep the pics coming.

Sally said...

I just made it, but I'll try to post more pictures :)

Misti C said...

Yeah! Craft pictures... and you and Rosalie and all the rest can hold up the blogosphere for a while... I'm so busy and beat that I'm not doing much writing of any sort at the moment. :( Oh well.... maybe one of these days. :)

Kristina said...

Okay, I just found this! You have to tell people when you do things like this!

I love those pillows. Ummmm, my birthday's already passed. Maybe Christmas? You could whip them up and just have them sitting in your closet waiting....