Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Projects

This year for Christmas I made the three nieces purses made out of old worn out jeans. The first one took forever because I had to just kind of make it up as I went, but after the first one they were really fun to make. Since I was unfrustrated by the time the last one was done I went ahead and made quick and easy (literally - they took like five minutes - thank you Mommy for showing me how) coin purses to match the lining of each purse.

I drew Connie's name for the Chancellor Christmas, and I had no idea what to get her, but someone said she needed a mail organizer. I'm not sure how well the one I made will work, but it was fun to make and looked cute at least :) I put a gift card in one of the pockets in case the mail didn't actually fit in the pockets or some other such disaster :D
The last thing was trying to figure out what to get the girls at church for Christmas. We like to exchange small gifts, but I needed something that would fit in our budget... so I made bookmarks to go in their Bible (or other random book) They turned out to be fairly quick and easy, so I made one for all the girls I was giving gifts to, and one for my own stocking :D Just in case you were curious, simple beading projects are really easy, they would be great for kids too.

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