Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ladybug and Butterfly Cakes!

I made these for Cadence birthday parties. We had a party here in Moore with a butterfly theme, and a party in Tulsa with a ladybug theme. I loved having two parties, because it meant I got to have fun with two different themes. Next year I'm thinking bright colors with lots of balloons and huge lollipops... but of course that will change every week or so :D

Both of these cakes only require round cake pans and cupcake pans.

The ladybug just needs two round cakes, one layer each. Cut off about a third of one cake in a crescent shape. Put it together with the whole cake and cover together with icing for the body. Use the remaining oval as the head.

I mixed oreos into a white cake mix and then used them for all the black decorations... oh, it was sooo yummy!

It had been a long time since I used cake decorating tips, so I practiced on some sugar cookies. This is the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever found! I will have to share it some time. It is labor intensive, but well worth it!

The shaping of this cake is super easy. Just cut two round cakes in half and place them on your cake board for wings, then line four cupcakes down the middle for the body. I saw this one in a magezine, but I can't remember which one! So much for giving credit where credit is due...

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