Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paper Bag Scrapbooks

I saw this idea in a craft store right after we got married, and had to try it. You buy white paper lunch bags, cover them with scrapbook paper, and decorate. I made sure each flap could be folded back to reveal more embellishments, and used the open end for a picture insert. They were fun! I did one for all of the younger nieces and nephews... Kristina, I promise I will do something for your boys! Soon! (I didn't have any recent pictures of them at the time... now I have internet, so I do... but I haven't been scrapbooking a lot recently!) Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any pictures of Rylea's. I loved her's, because I got to use my favorite colors. I also can't find pictures of Joshua's. Sigh. Oh well, this will give you the idea :)



Jake's: (This was fun because I got to cut out trains - the engine was the best, but again... where are all my pictures?!)

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