Thursday, February 5, 2009

Christmas Present Scrapbooks Continued from a Whole Year Ago...

Ok, like, a year ago I said I would post more pictures... here they are :) I can't seem to find all of them, so this is a sampling.

Jake's was a train theme to match his room. I had a lot of fun designing and cutting out all the train cars. That was definately a challenge for me, but like I said, I enjoyed it!

Karlea's was a flower theme. I had just gotten my Crikut (Spelling?) for Christmas, and loved playing with the different ways to cut out flowers :)

I can't find any pictures of Rylea's! I may have to see if Kayla still has it so I can steal it and take pictures. It was a "cute as a button them" and I loved the color scheme (it was kind of white and pale blues and pinks, so it was right up my alley). Anyways, that's all the pictures I could find for now.

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