Friday, June 11, 2010

Crayon Bag

I made this bag for Cadence to take her crayons to chuch in. I started out with grand plans to make it a miniature version of the Knitting Bag, with pockets and a zipper for later when she could put crayons in individual slots, and a drawstring for now, when she only has the motorskills for putting them in a bag. Yeah... after ripping the zipper out twice, stitching it in a third time, and it STILL wasn't working, I scratched that idea and just made a lined drawstring bag. The other way would have been cool - but this way is DONE. Maybe someday in the far future I'll make her something with individual slots. I've pretty much decided to do a crayon roll up that she can also use as an apron, but she won't need that for a long while yet :) (Thankfully!)

I've also made her some other toys and bags with these fabrics. I'll have to post about them next!

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