Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth of July Sign

When Tony made my big sign, he made extra small ones for me to paint with the seasons and holidays. I really wanted to make it in time for the fourth of July, since it is one of my favorite results.

About halfway through this project I was really frustrated and depressed. The fireworks looked bulky and awkward, and the adhesive I used on the letters this time was too permenant - it left paper and gunk stuck to everything. I would up having to scrape it off with my thumb (ouch!) and do a ton of touchup. But it turned out alright in the end - the bulkiness of the fireworks is acually good, since thats the only way you can see them from the street, and the letters look fine after touch-up. Thankfully!

(Kristina don't look too close... the crooked L and R are bugging me to death, so I know they will you too - don't you just love how I deliberately gave you something to irritate your OCD, and did it so it seemed like I was being nice?)

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